Wedding Day Photo


28 Comments on “Wedding Day Photo

  1. I am interested in your big day 2p1v pacakge.
    Can you please let me know if you are available in 15 Nov 2014?

    • Hi Sita,

      Thanks for enquiry. However we have booking on 15Nov2014 already.


  2. Hi~ My Big Day is on 2015, 09 May. I would like to check if your team is available? And how much deposit for the 2P1V package ?
    Also, what is the difference between two 2p1v package? What is the difference between standard video & snap video?

    Looking forward to receive your reply, many thanks!

  3. My wedding day is on the 25th Jan 2015. Would you mind sending me the wedding day package? Thanks.

  4. Hihi,

    May I know that do you have any booking on 1 Feb 2015 for Big Day Photography?


  5. i would like to join package 2p1v, big day on 29th Nov2014 is availability ?i need half day only ,please advise price?thank you!

    • Hi Niko,

      Thanks for enquiry. We have booking on 29th Nov2014 already. As we only serve one couple a day, hence we can’t provide wedding day shooting service for you.

      Have a nice day.


    • Hi Gordon,
      There is booking on 26/9/2015(sat) already.Thanks for your enquiry.


  6. hi , i would like to asking for the price, we want 2p 1 v, do u available on 2016 03 20?im also interested in pre wedding photo in hk .Thanks 🙂

  7. Happy Chinese New Year of Goat!

    Hi, I would like to asking for the wedding day package price. Do u available on 2015 12 16 (Wednesday)? Thanks 🙂

  8. hello CS

    could you send me some wedding day photo quotation please ? thank u very much ^^

  9. My big day will be on 2016-01-10 and would like to have 2P2V. Grateful if you could provide me with the rate card and availabilty, please.

  10. I wanna know the package of 2p1v of your company
    Are your company available on 16/1/2016?

    • Dear Jose, sorry there is booking on 16/1/2016 already. Have a nice day

  11. 我在facebook看到你的攝影作品很喜歡,想請問今年11月2日big day還有時間嗎?如有,價錢是怎麼計算呢?請回覆,謝謝!


  12. Hi,
    May you provide the package for the wedding day oversea in US (Hawaii), the period should be in Sep 2019?
    Thank you very much.

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