WPPI 2015 Second Half Competition

In the first half of 2015, we received 6 WPPI awards include 5 silver award and 1 Silver Distinction in the WPPI 1st half competition and 2 more excellence awards in the AsiaWPA 2015 1st half competition.
And today we are happy to tell you that one of the photos shoot in our first Europe tour 2015 got another silver award from WPPI.

在第2015年上半年,我們獲得6 WPPI獎項包括5個銀獎和1人卓越銀獎和2個AsiaWPA2015年上半年比賽的優秀獎項。

Make Up: Panda @ deaRight Make Up
Assistant: Bea@ CS PHOTOGRAPHY

2016 - WPPI The Annual: 16x20 Print, Album + Filmmaking Competit
Judges comments 評語:
-beautiful composition 美麗構圖
-beautiful scene and storytelling 美麗場景及故事性


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