Happy New Year 2016

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DM Testimonials

Happy New Year!

新娘Dorothy所說: 「除咗 d 相要啱 feel , 更需要個 photog 啱嘴形。我尊重你嘅專業 , 你尊重我嘅喜好 , 互相信任係最和諧最開心嘅合作關係…」

我就馬上想到Dorothy & Matthew 的婚禮
由見面開始, 便知道他們對婚禮每一個細節也很重視
很感謝Dorothy 寫了一篇很詳細的Testimonials
當日也很順利, 亦能一年一會 dino W video 與Dino同場拍攝

Thanks very much, D&M + Dino!

2015剛過去, 總結今年的成績不錯
除了奪得7個WPPI award, 2個AsiaWPA award
更獲選為 ’10 Up & Coming Photographer’ (Wedding Magazine
‘New Vision in Wedding Photography'(All About Wedding)

2016 繼續努力,用心攝!

’10 Up & Coming Photographer’ http://www.weddinghk.hk/article/toptendetail2…

‘New Vision in Wedding Photography’


WPPI 2015 Second Half Competition

In the first half of 2015, we received 6 WPPI awards include 5 silver award and 1 Silver Distinction in the WPPI 1st half competition and 2 more excellence awards in the AsiaWPA 2015 1st half competition.
And today we are happy to tell you that one of the photos shoot in our first Europe tour 2015 got another silver award from WPPI.

在第2015年上半年,我們獲得6 WPPI獎項包括5個銀獎和1人卓越銀獎和2個AsiaWPA2015年上半年比賽的優秀獎項。

Make Up: Panda @ deaRight Make Up
Assistant: Bea@ CS PHOTOGRAPHY

2016 - WPPI The Annual: 16x20 Print, Album + Filmmaking Competit
Judges comments 評語:
-beautiful composition 美麗構圖
-beautiful scene and storytelling 美麗場景及故事性


Preview of Europe Tour 2015

This is our first tour set to Europe. And in the tour we went to London->Manchester->York->Paris->Nice->Prague
Lots of preparation, make up and shooting in early morning for away from the crowd.
Since peak season, so we only share some highlight and the teaser in the tour~
This is really excited and amazing tour! See you all in 2016 Overseas Tour!!
*Special Thanks our tour sponsor: Nikon Hong Kong for the D810 & D750; Profoto B2
這是令人非常興奮之旅!希望在2016年的overseas tour 會見到大家

Nikon 90 Million Milestone Project

From 1933 until today, NIKKOR lens reach a total production milestone of 90 million.
And it is my pleasure that I am one of the Hong Kong Photographer who has been invited by Nikon Asia to share a personal photo that captures one of my special milestones. #NIKKORmilestone
90 million nikkor

© Fai. Y
I was born to a family of photographers. My Dad has been a professional photographer based in Hong Kong for over 30 years. I guess he was a big influence on me because about eight years ago, I left my job as a multimedia designer and started taking up photography full-time. At the time I was using my first Nikon, the D200.

For me, being a photographer was just a job, but that changed four years ago when I decided to recruit my own crew to start doing photography and videography for weddings and events. I realized how much I enjoyed being able to express my creative ideas and creating touching memories through images and videos. In the past year, I’ve even received three international awards.

This picture is the first and only selfie I have ever taken. It was taken in Taiwan, where I was doing my first ever wedding photoshoot. It was also my first time ever climbing a hill to watch the sunrise.

I was so excited when the sun began to emerge, and it wasn’t just because it was beautiful to see. It was because I was following in my father’s footsteps, and furthermore I was finally moving out of Hong Kong to do international jobs, and felt like I was finally making my mark in the world.

I wish to help people capture moments like these.

Who knows, maybe I’ll take more selfies in other parts of the world!
*Image shot with Nikon D4 and AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED lens

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